My Ambition

My ambition is to be a Mathematic teacher because teacher is a hero without service sign. A teacher can make other profession such as doctor, nurse, police, scientist, businessman, architect, statist, and other. They won’t be without a teacher.  I love Mathematic lesson but not too fanatic and Mathematic lesson is the challenging one to learn or study. The other reasons are I see the Indonesian kids who love Math are too little so I’ll make them good in Math.

My plans just simple, I want choose MIPA or Mathematic faculty in UNY and join a Math course. The two plans before can’t be if I don’t study hard and pray to God. And the last before I be a teacher I’ll open a small course in home to kids who can go to school. I teach them Mathematic and other important everything. I can train to be a teacher and help kids because they can study at me without pay fee.

From : Arif Ardiasmono / XI IA 2 / 23


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