My Lebaran Holiday

Art_Club__lebaran_moment_by_ChikoiToriChanWhen I got my holiday before Lebaran, I was at home working on the task of Indonesian and Mathematics. I must record my daily activities into a diary of Indonesian and had to work on logarithms and square root of Mathematics. I did it while watching television. Sometimes if I was a bit lazy to do it, I went to the second floor of my house and play computer or if I had more money I go to Internet cafes and open up my Facebook account. In the afternoon after my prayers Dzuhur, I usually played the computer or took a nap. At I waking up right to praying Asar and immediately take a bath. After that I turned on the computer and played games while waiting for breaking the fast. When breaking the fast I turned off the computer and got off to cancel my fast. When breaking the fast I drank fresh drinks and ate good food. Not to forgot I pray Maghrib so I got the reward. After that I and my family waited for the Isya prayer to watched television in the living room. Isya Adzan timely I and my family arrived to the mosque to do the Isya prayers and praying Tarawih. Wow, a nice holiday.

At Lebaran day, in the early morning I took a shower and changed to the nice clothes to do Eid prayers in the field. After prayer we went home and ate chicken with ‘ketupat’ and ‘opor’ also drank fresh syrup. After eating our family went to a neighbor’s house right and left to forgive and apologize each other and then we went to grandma’s house where we apologize with grandma, uncle, aunt, and all my cousins, at there we were treated to traditional food and sweet tea. Yummy, delicious. The second day of Lebaran I, father, and my young brother went to grandma’s house again. We brought a lot of things like syrup, fruit, snacks, and it’s other. In the middle of the trip we were busy enjoying the view presented. Once it’s in there, we were welcomed by them. Again we were treated to good food. There we saw the sights and enjoy the catfish and koi fish are reared by my uncle. When we will return to home we were given some catfish by my uncle. Wow, this delicious when cooked at home. Arriving at our house we cooked it and ate it.

After Lebaran all people in my town back to work especially my parents. I was alone at home with my young brother. I did the tasks which not yet completed. If I was lazy to do it, I immediately asked for turns to play computer with my young brother and returned to do my duty if I got re-good mood. Unlike my friends who vacation in the tourist place, I just opened up my Facebook accounts at Internet cafés. Viewing the status of my friends who like to travel to tourist places I was jealous of them. The principal of Lebaran holiday is a fun holiday because I can wake up late and do not need to rush to school.






By: Arif Ardiasmono / X 3 / 2


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